9 Underrated Online Clothing Brands I Love

If you love online shopping and want to discover new fashionable (and affordable) brands, this post is right for you.

Here are my favorite online shopping brands that don’t get enough recognition:

1. Genuine People (https://genuine-people.com/)

10_25_2017_look_31_010 10_25_2017_LOOK_4_008.jpg

Genuine people sells sophisticated, elegant and fashionable clothes and ships worldwide!

2. BNKR (https://us.fashionbunker.com/)

fk1809_westway_jacket_black_nh_4832-edit-90 1809_tf_elara_coat_navy_nh_2064

BNKR is an Australian clothing brand that expanded to become a global company, they ship worldwide and have student discounts.

3. Pomelo Fashion (https://www.pomelofashion.com/sg)

93466.jpg 105171.jpg

This Asian brand sells trendy clothes, ships to over 40 countries and has free shipping on all orders over 50$.

4. The Frankie Shop (https://thefrankieshop.com/)

houndstooth-IMG_1505 IMG_1134.jpg

This brand born in NYC has all the latest trends and offers 10% off on your first order!

5. LOÉIL (https://theloeil.com/)

l4762_2048x2048.jpg Carlotta_Jacket_2048x2048.jpg

Loéil sells elegant and sophisticated clothes made ethically and with the finest materials, they offer free shipping on orders over 300$ and ship worldwide.

6. Pixie Market (https://www.pixiemarket.com/)


This NYC brand has all the trends you need in your wardrobe and they ship worldwide too.

7. Need Supply Co. (https://needsupply.com/womens/)

302941W101194_W101194_1.jpg 306109W101450_W101450_1.jpg

Need Supply Co. is an online shop that sells clothes and accessories made by independent designers from the US and abroad.

The clothes are fashionable and beautifully designed, you’ll want to spend hours on this online store.

8. Front Row Shop (https://www.frontrowshop.com/)

1_4468fe19-ad2c-4c65-a617-9353eee42303_2048x2048.jpg 1_3244c8c1-eabe-42b0-881a-0b1816e4ffbb_2048x2048.jpg

This online store sells quality products that are more affordable than designer clothes, the store ships worldwide and offers free shipping on all orders over 100$.

9. Stylenanda (http://en.stylenanda.com/)

6ef40069dcc00b4be19b0077d1dcd9b9.jpg c0c7175b65c372f271d61849c7dbb36c.jpg

This Korean brand has all the trends you need, ships worldwide and everything is pretty affordable, if you’ve never heard of this brand before, I highly recommend it to you!


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